Julien Baker

     Why hello there and thank you for visiting my corner of the internet! I am going to write up some reviews/articles/ramblings about my all-time favorite singer/songwriters because I need a project that doesn’t involve school. This is an art-only space, so if you need help with math I am afraid you must look elsewhere.

 Julien Baker, where do I begin? 

    Actually, let’s start in 2016. It’s March, and a newly minted 16-year-old boards a plane to L.A. She puts on an semi-random album she had heard about from a podcast... 

    When Baker begins to sing, her voice first strikes one as deceptively crisp, yet as the emotion builds, an ocean of depth reveals itself, crafting climaxes nearly emotionally unbearable. Julien Baker continues to remind me why humanity creates music. It is in our nature that we will always feel as if we are not entirely understood, or that we are alone in our deepest emotions. Baker's lyrics allow me to believe that this cavern of misunderstanding could be filled. 

Suggestions for a first listen:

Where - Alone with headphones. 

When - Late at Night or Early morning

What - Begin with ‘Sprianed Ankle’ and listen through the entire album, then listen to ‘Turn Out the Lights’. Baker creates an atmosphere more than a single track. If you only have time for one, start with “Appointments” found on Turn Out the Lights.

A Deeper Look - There is an excellent episode of the Podcast Song Exploder where Baker talks about the making of the first two opening tracks on Turn Out the Lights.

NPR’s “Tiny Desk” series two separate sets, both equally powerful and will enrich your life. I promise. 


A Proper Introduction

Why hello there!

My name, as is discretely plastered across the banner, is Abigail Dahl, and this is my corner of the internet. My last blog, (may it rest in peace), was entitled Abby and the Pens and we had a good run. Yet, Blogger has officially refused to embrace the future. The future being the ability to access one's website on a phone. Thus, I have leaped from that sinking ship and have been washed upon the shores of Squarespace. I look forward to our journey together, with hope this website will grow with me, as a spot for my artwork, my thoughts, and possibly album and podcast reviews. (I have a rare disorder in which I legitimately think I am Bob Boilen).

With hope for the future,